What is Digital Malta?
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What is Digital Malta?

DIGITAL MALTA is the national Information Communication Technology strategy for 2014 - 2020. In a few words, it is a vision for “a digitally-enabled country empowering its people, communities and entrepreneurs through the intelligent and universal use of ICT”.  It’s about making citizens' lives better, improving community services and helping enterprises to flourish and become more competitive through ICT.


​​Digital Malta is the result of an extensive consultative process carried out in two main phases.  The first phase covered a series of consultation workshops with ICT stakeholders from the public and private sectors, associations, interest groups from civil society, as well as with the public at large.

The views, ideas and proposals expressed by the different stakeholders were consolidated into a ‘draft’ Strategy, which was then circulated for a second round of consultation. This second phase also included focused bi-lateral meetings with stakeholders who will own and be involved in implementing parts of the Strategy. 

The Digital Malta is pragmatic and flexible enough to react to future developments. It provides high-level strategic policy direction to the stakeholders involved while allowing them flexibility in the implementation.  The Strategy will be supported by a yearly ‘Programme of Initiatives’ which will include detailed initiatives that will contribute towards the objectives and actions of Digital Malta.

The Digital Malta Strategy was articulated in collaboration between the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) and the Malta Communication Authority (MCA).