Digital Malta Vision
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Digital Malta Vision

igital Malta is a vision for the country in 2020 when:

“Malta will prosper as a digitally-enabled nation

in all sectors of society.”

This is an exciting goal, advancing the nation’s digital economy to let business prosper and improve the quality of people’s lives. To meet this vision there is a need to address the most pressing strategic issues and capitalise on digital opportunities.​

Underlying Principles​​

Core principles underpin the implementation of the Digital Malta vision:

  1. Ensuring all citizens are offered the possibility to benefit from ICT as a fundamental right.

  2. Advocating proactive leadership, and delivering programmes that meet needs.

  3. Supporting national priorities in line with government policy, the National Reform Programme and the EU obligations.

  4. Engaging the private sector as an important player in the delivery of the Strategy.

  5. Optimising value and accountability.

  6. Ensuring collaboration between stakeholders to make the best use of national strategic information assets, encourage synergies and minimise fragmentation. 

  7. Encouraging a more-environmentally friendly society through greener procurement, implementation and application of ICT.

  8. Supporting and enabling Research and Innovation (R&I) in identified areas of strength, capability and centres of excellence (smart specialisation).

  9. Adopting an open and experimental mindset, capitalising on lessons learned from success stories and respecting best practices and international standards.

  10. Maximising opportunities from multiple funding sources, including European and international funding programmes and the private sector.