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Infrastructure services will be accessible, reliable, secure, affordable and resilient. They shall provide for disaster recovery where appropriate.   Investment by the private sector, in collaboration with government, will ensure fast-broadband, wi-fi, next-generation access and robust government information systems architecture.


Infrustructure Goals    Infrustructure Guiding Principles    


45. Supporting NGA Networks

The MCA regulatory regime will foster innovation and investment to support the development of NGA Networks in Malta. It will have the objectives of ensuring competition and affordable access to these networks.

46. Broadband Supply and Demand

The MCA will monitor supply and demand of broadband, anticipating change, supporting development and facilitating the deployment and development of NGA Networks in Malta.

47. IPv6

Government will promote deployment of the IPv6 protocol, for identifying and locating computers on networks and traffic routes across the Internet. This acknowledges the need to prepare for an ‘Internet of Everything,’ where all objects connected to the web must be uniquely identified.

48. Network Infrastructure Sharing Opportunities

A framework to facilitate and regulate network infrastructure sharing will be established to safeguard the long-term growth and development of the telecommunications sector, while ensuring healthy competition.

49. Safeguarding Networks

Risk mitigation measures will be introduced to safeguard networks from damage caused by third-party operations.

50. Quality of Service

End-user interest in the electronic communications sector will be safeguarded by improving the quality of information available to them and ensuring service providers meet contractually agreed QoS levels.

51. International Connectivity

Opportunities for new submarine cable routes, connecting Malta to mainland Europe or North Africa, will be evaluated. The objective will be to strengthen the country’s connectivity to international networks and hubs, increase resilience and improve investment.

52. Connectivity between Malta and Gozo

A feasibility study will determine optimal data connectivity between the Maltese islands with a particular focus on resiliency and bandwidth between Malta and Gozo. The outcome will guide the type and extent of investment to be made.

53. National Cyber Security Strategy

Government will enforce a National Cyber Security Strategy, to help ensure a safer Internet, the protection of critical infrastructure, the rule of law, accountability and privacy. The main pillars will be designed to: Combat Cyber Crime. Law enforcement agencies will identify gaps and strengthen their capability to investigate and combat cybercrime; Strengthen National Cyber Defence. Public and private entities will be guided and assisted in strengthening their cyber defence capabilities; Secure Cyberspace. Higher levels of trust will be instilled through awareness programmes and the delivery of trustworthy, ICT-enabled services that assure confidentiality, integrity, availability and privacy; Build Capacity. The skills and educational frameworks required will be identified and developed.

54. Authentication Services

Government will: Simplify the process for authentication to access its online services; Work with banks and other organisations to develop a national electronic identity card as a trusted source of authentication; Bring authentication services into alignment with EU standards and allow fellow European citizens access using their national electronic identity; Develop a roadmap, aligned to likely technological advancements and emerging needs.

55. Trust Services

Services will be provided to facilitate the creation, verification, validation, handling and preservation of electronic signatures, electronic seals, electronic time stamps, electronic documents, electronic delivery services, website authentication, and electronic certificates.

56. Modernisation and Re-Use

Government will accelerate the modernisation of ICT implementations, maintain a cartography of ICT assets, and promote the re-use of mature local and EU established ICT building blocks using the Enterprise Architecture & Road-mapping Initiative of MITA.

57. Foresight

Foresight projects will be launched to identify how important ICT driven themes, such as identity and social networking, can be best used for stimulating economic growth.

58. Incubation of novel ICT driven solutions

Government will pilot ICT projects and embrace those that modernise public administration or promote economic growth. This will be delivered in collaboration with various EU-led programmes.